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Single Girder Semi Goliath Semi Gantry Frame Crane

Single Girder Semi Goliath,Semi Gantry Frame Crane,Semi Overhead Goliath Gantry Crane

Working condition:
Working temperature: -25-50°C
Power supply: AC type 380V/3Ph/50Hz or according to your requirements
Working class: A3~A5 .If the working condition is very hard, please notify us in advance, we will redesign the unit according to your condition and request.

Single Girder Electric Hoist Semi Half Gantry Crane

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Main Features:
■   Semi gantry crane can be designed according to your installation site, both portable and more suitble.
■   The semi-crane could be used outdoor or indoor.Reasonable structure, favorable performance, smooth starting and stopping, safe and reliable traveling, low noise, commodious cabin with a good view, convenient maintenance, energy-saving , excellent exchangeability for parts and components.

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Introduction of Nybon Gantry Crane

■   Design& specifications:

Single beam semi gantry crane is a kind of light type crane, commonly used in modern production. In workshops where part utilization of shop bay is required (as in a tool room attached to a press shop), a Semi-Goliath/Gantry Crane is used. In such a configuration, one end-carriage of the crane will travel on the regular gantry rail while the opposite end-carriage will travel on a rail-mounted typically on the ground or at a lower elevation. Compared with the electric single-girder gantry crane, it is saving the investment and space.

■   Application:

This crane is mainly used in steel stockyards, mining fields, concrete industry, warehouses, factories, harbors and shipbuilding, etc.

■   Safety features:

A) Overload protection: If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.

B) Emergency brake:If the operation staff encounter some emergency situation,oprator can start the emergency brake system to protect the crane.

C) Control Method: Room control or remote control to avoid any injury to the operation staff.

D) Main lifting motor with thermal protection and currency protection.

E) Emergency swith can stop all movement when any dangerous happened.

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Optional features:

1. Variable speed through VVF Drive

2. Soft starter

3. Wireless Radio Remote control

4. Waterproof.

5. Remote control

■   Single-leg crane is ideal for providing material handling solutions in facilities where space is an issue due to machinery, narrow spacing or confined spaces. The advantage of a Semi-Gantry Crane is that it can be installed below overhead travelling cranes that already exist. This gives an exceptionally extensive cover of the floor area. BMH crane moves over the floor on wheels, while the other end runs overhead on a wall-mounted I-beam using one of two end truck designs:

Top-Running End Truck: The end of the gantry's I-beam mounts onto an end truck that travels on the top side of an overhead runway beam.

Under-Running End Truck: The end of the gantry's I-beam mounts onto an end truck that travels on the bottom flange of an overhead runway beam (max. span of 20 feet).


Specification of single girder electric semi gantry crane

Span(rail to rail center)6m~other numbers,can be customized(OEM)
CantileversAccording to your demand, but not more than 1/3 of span
Lifting heightAs required
Capacity3t, 5t10t15t, 16t20t, 25t30t, 32t
Lifting speed(m/min)8, 8/0.87/0.73.5,4, 4/0.43, 3/0.3
Lifting speed(m/min)8, 8/0.87/0.73.5/0.354, 4/0.43, 3/0.3
Cross travelling speed(m/min)10 or 2010 or 2010 or 2010 or 2010 or 20
Long travelling speed(m/min)20, 3020, 3020, 3020, 3020, 30
Duty ClassA3/A5
Power source380V, 50HZ, 3 phase (or other standard)
Power supply modeCable reel / Bus bar
Control model

Pendant pushbutton control, cabin control or remote control


Single Girder Semi Goliath Semi Gantry Frame Crane


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  • Single Girder Semi Goliath Semi Gantry Frame Crane




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