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Ship to Shore Dock Lifting Container Crane Quayside Shipyard Harbour Cranes

Heavy Duty Ship To Shore Container Crane

1.Application: Widely used to load and unload containers from ships or trucks.
2.Improve the efficiency of the operation of loading and unloading.
3. With compact frame(structure).
4. Calm movement, comfortable operation, safety and reliability.
5. Mainly used for the port lifting.
6. Designed based on clients’ demands,OEM acceptable.

Ship to Shore Container Crane Quayside Harbour Cranes

Nybon has over 20 years’ experience in industrial crane and winch manufacturing.

Our factory owns leading technology and strict management.We conduct production strictly by the European standard quality management system.

For our heavy duty equipment production line,we produce all kinds of marine cranes and marine winches,heavy duty offshore loading and unloading lifting equipment,overhead cranes,gantry cranes,RTG crane, free landing davit, gangway winch, lifeboat/rescue boat winch and all types of fully enclosed/open lifting equipment.


Heavy Duty Port Marine Crane /STS Crane


Lifting Capacity5 Ton-800 Ton ( Customized )
Span7.5m~35m ( Customized )
Lifting Height6m-100m ( Customized )
Working ClassA5,A6,A7,A8

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Nybon Marine Ship to Shore Dock Lifting Container Gantry Crane

Also known as STS Quayside Shipyard Harbour Cranes.etc

NYBON Quayside Container Crane ---heavy duty Ship To Shore Container crane is widely used to load and unload containers from ships or trucks. The crane can work with good efficiency due to the crane frame design being very advanced.Fast-moving speed and lifting speed can make great working performance. All NYBON marine cranes can be equipped with different accessories and grades certified by all major classification societies.

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Introduction of Nybon Quayside Container Crane:

■   The common power source is a three-phase alternating current, the rated frequency is 50HZ/60HZ ,the rated voltage is 380V. (Special request power is customized)
■   The working environment temperature ranges from -20℃ to +55℃ and the relative humidity is no lower than 95%(with dew).
■   During the working period ,wind speed should be no more than 20m/s; when the crane is not being used,wind speed should be no more than 44m/s.(can be designed according to your installation site environment)
■   The work duty is A6-A7.
■   The gradient of the crane traveling floor should be less than 1% and part of that should be no more than 3%.

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Nybon Heavy Duty Port Crane Application:

Application:various applications site, such as loading and unloading at port, materials handling at the dockyard, shipbuilding and ship repairing yard, and so on.

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Nybon---Professional Marine Crane Manufacturer

Safety features:


■   1. With new design: automatic rectify deviation control

■   2. overload weight limit protection device

■   3. Good quality buffer

■   4. Phase protection

■   5. With lifting limit switch,cross traveling limit switch,long traveling limit switch

■   6. With function: voltage lower protection

■   7. Emergency stop system

■   8. Lighting system 

■   9. Alarm system for audio and video

According to the general rules of products, components, the Heavy Duty Port Marine Crane STS forms the lifting mechanism module, trolley mechanism module, trolley assembly module, steel structure module, function module, general module, and so on. Due to the standard module production can make products with stable quality and shortens the delivery period.

Ship to Shore Dock Lifting Container Crane Quayside Shipyard Harbour Cranes


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  • Ship to Shore Dock Lifting Container Crane Quayside Shipyard Harbour Cranes




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